Anstamm Animation

1996 - 2008


Annie (Anstamm Animation) 03/2008 almost 12 yrs. old

Annie came to us from Anstamm Kennels in 1997. I was so excited when, during one of my visits to their house, Cindy Cooke and Buffy Stamm asked me if I wanted to have a bitch and they gave me the choice. I picked Annie because she was just perfect in every aspect and also very lovely and friendly.

All these expectations were met: she is just a wonderful little bitch, loves each and everyone, integrated perfectly into our house. But unfortunately, she was a very inconsistent show dog. This is due to her unwillingness to walk in the ring (she is not fond of walking in the fields either). She always got the best critiques how she is built, also earning a number of nice wins. But often being pulled through the ring is not the best prerequisite for becoming a Champion.

But Annie gave us three wonderful litters of very nice dogs. Her first litter daughter Bonnie is a multiple Champion, her second litter daughter Jay is a very nice bitch, but also a bit difficult show dog, Jay’s brother Luke was Winner in the US a Scottish Terrier Specialty Show, and her youngest third litter son Shocker is on a very successful way in the show rings already.

So Annie has really given us the foundation of our new breed line. Now she could do what she liked most: chasing mice in the garden for hours like a cat, lie on laps, in beds, and enjoying to be loved. In this way, she lived a happy, almost 12 year long life including another 11 months during which we new she had cancer.

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