CCA 2003I, Corina C. Aldinger have been owning Scotties since I was a child, now for over 40 years. At that time, they were only pets. It started with a male from a good kennel in Denmark. While in the college in California, I added two girls, one from a pound, the other one from a pet shop. I just had to rescue them!

After a few years, back in Germany, there was just one girl left: Muffin. She went with us after we married. As we both worked, we thought that she should have a companion. This is how Utz came to our house in 1986. His breeder, Frau Draude, had one of the oldest kennels in Germany. In she brought us into showing, she also taught my husband Hans-Peter Clieves how to groom. And since that time, Hans-Peter also very active in the show ring all over Europe.

After Muffin passed away, we bought now a companion for Utz: Jessica. She was from a very good German kennel, with famous blood lines in her pedigree. So it became obvious that we would breed her eventually.
When it came to choosing a kennel name, we wanted to make a reference to good old Muffin, sometimes also called “Mafiosa” (for a reason). And then we had learned that you really have to be a kind of Mafioso if you want to be successful in the show ring.

So we started our own little “Mafia” with our kennel “Mafioso” in 1987.

Over the years, we haven’t bred a lot. And we have always kept one dog out of each litter. And a couple of dogs left us during those years, So if you look at the links below, you can see our past dogs who are still in the our mind and remembered by lots of people who knew them.

Corina C. Aldinger & Dr. Hans-Peter Clieves

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