News 2012


And here is a summary of our show year 2012 (we were showing much less than previous years):

Mafioso Bambina
  1x shown in Veteran Class, Vet-CAC/VDH

Downtown Dulce Mafioso
  5x shown in der Veteran Class (1x abroad), 4x Vet-CAC/VDH, 2x BOB
  KfT-Veteran Champion

Maryscot Swing Man
  11x shown (5x abroad), Champion Class and Class of Honour only
  VDH-European Winner, Bundes Winner Austria

Mafioso Nugget
  5x shown, 1x CAC, 3xVDH

Mafioso Valentina
  18x shown (5x abroad), 3x Intermediate Class, 2x CACA, 2xVDH

Deacon Brodie’s Swinging Cindy
  5x shown, 3x CAC
  German Champion (KfT)

Mafioso Lillifee
  14x shown (4x abroad), 1x Puppy, otherwise Junior Class, 5x JCAC
  Club Junior Winner Switzerland, Club Junior Winner Austria


The last shows we visited in 2012 had such a bad outcome that it is not even worth to report the results.


Our visit to the otherwise very nice Terrier show in Liebenscheid was a disaster as far as the results are concerned:

Nugget was first in Open Class, but tickets were withheld
Lilly was only 4th and last in Junior Class
Tina was 2nd in Open Class (wow).

I run a statistic of all our show entries since many years. Unfortunately, I forgot to look it up beforehand - otherwise I would have known it in advance: we had very bad results under this judge in 2011 already! So I had to pay the price (exactly 83 Euros entry fee) for my laziness.


National Show Dortmund - this time it was Lillian Lleton (aka Brown) judging, again a long-time Scottie breeder. But it was the same dillemma as the day before! Wonderful critiques (which were very specific this time though), but placement which the many spectators as well as the exhibitors couldn’t comprehend.

Our results were as bad as before:
Charlie Exc 3 (again the last one in Champion Class)
Lilly Exc 4 (according to the wording of her critique, she should have been a candidat for BOB)
Tina Exc 2 in Open Class.


Bundes Winner Show in Dortmund - what is supposed to be a wonderful event. And the invited judge, Cindy Petterson from Sweden is a well-known Scottie breeder.

But her judging didn’t meet the expectations at all. All dogs got a very nice critique, even if they were rated as “very good” only which was the case for quite many dogs. But the critique was very stereotype - I heard the scribe say that he could easily use a stamp for the text - LOL from judge and scribe, was that a grim sense of humour?  Many of her placements (and I am not only talking of our dogs) created an incredulous shake of the head by knowledgable spectators.

Here are our results for the sake of completeness:
Charlie Excellent 4 (last in Champion Class)
Lilly Exc 2 ResJunCAC (the Res will be upgraded). But what is supposed to be quite a nice result for such a young girl becomes questionable in the light of the overall judging.
Tina not placed with “Very Good” rating SG (inspite of a nice critique, see above)


The second day in Tulln was the Club Winner show of the Austrian Terrier Club. This time, the results were very different, not only in our case:

Charlie was only 2nd in Champion Class
Tina won the Open Class again and her 2nd ticket
Lilly was the winner today and won the Club Junior Winner title.


For the first time after Mona Riedl’s death, I went to a show in Austria - this time the big sow weekend in Tulln, with the Austrian Bundes Winner Show on Saturday. Our results were just on every potential level - good and bad:

Charlie won the Austrian Bundes Winner title,
Tina won the Open Class and the ticket
Lilly was 3rd only in Junior Class.


We visited (for one day only) the show at Possen - with mediocre results.

Nugget won the ResCC - the judge found him too big and too heavy, and pointed ou the the respective wording in the new international standard:
Tina was only 2nde in her class.
Only Lilly wona tickket - without competition; but I believe that she is very competitive anyway! At the end of the day she was 3rd best junior in the main ring.


Unfortunately, we had to say Goodbye to our lovely Uni. After surviving her bladder cancer for more than a year, she acquired an agressive mamma cancer that grew very rapidly. Even a surgery 5 weeks ago didn’t help - the cancer proliferated much too strongly.


At the same venue, but this time with much better, almost nice, weather, the annual Black & White Club Show of the Scottish Terrier Club Switzerland was hold. Unfortunately, only 14 Scotties were shown - including 3 from us.

Charlie won the Champion Class - and that was it. Lilly won the Junior Class (again with no competition) and gained the Swiss Junior Club Winner title. Tina was 3rd in Open again


We visited Switzerland and attended the 2nd Swiss Terrier Derby. With pouring rain, conditions were somewhat at the limit, but all exhibitors were nevertheless in good mood.

We showed the two young girls:
Lilly won a JuniorCC (with no competition) and Tina ended up in 3rd place only with an Excx. rating.


At the hottest weekend this year, we visited the international show in Leipzig. But it wasn’t so bad at all, as the buildings of the new fairground are all airconditioned! There was a big mess with respect to the judges as two scheduled judges became ill and a replacement had to be found on short notice.

Our results covered the full range - from super to disappointing:
Muffin won the Veterans Class and with the tickets earned he finished his German Veteran Champions (VDH & Club).
But he also won BOB - the second time in a row!
Bambina was shown in Veterans for the first time and earned her first tickets in style
Lilly ended up in last place (fortunately with an “Exc” rating) as she was shown for the first time inside and was obviously scared
Tina won the Open Class, but unfortunately only received the Reserve Tickets


And the next “home” show - this time the show of our home club - with even better results
Lilly was 2nd in Junior class with a Reserve ticket
Cindy won the CAC ticket again
but in top of all, Muffin won BOB, and everybody watching agreed that she showed very well and is still absolutely competitive!


A visit in our previous “hometown” Stuttgart (we lived there for 10 years) with good results:
Muffin 2nd time in Veterans class won his 2nd ticket
Lilly was 3rd only in Junior class but showed very well with lots if temperament
Cindy won the 5th ticket and finished as KfT-Club Champion.


At the Terrier show in Heppenheim, we presented Charlie, Lilly and Cindy.
Charlie was only entered in Honour Class as I wated the judge, Mr. van den Bergh from the Netherlands, to see him personally.
Lilly had her debute in Junior Class - a bit in her underweaer. Unfortunately, when she had to move around, she lost her tail - no idea why. The judge consequently gave her a “verygood” rating only and no ticket - waht a pity.
Cindy, in the other hand, presented herself as always with lots of drive and self-esteam and earned her 4th ticket towards her championship.


Today at Dorndorf, the show career started for little Lilly. And she was doing very well! The judge gave her an impressive critique and forecasted a nice show career for her. Even though she was at first a bit impressed by the new experience. But that changed completely during the day, and in the main ring she expressed her temperament again -and became Best Puppy in Show!

Charlie and Tina were company for her. Charlie was a bit slow (probably it was a bit too warm for him) and finished 2nd/Res, just like Tina.


On Sunday, at the VDH European Winner show, everything was very different. While the judge again came from Britain (Tom Hehir/ Ireland), he had a different opinion about the dogs in many cases than his colleague two days before.
Though Tina ended up in 3rd place again, it was a very nice day for Charlie this time.

Finally, somebody recognized once again Charlie's qualities and made him VDH European Winner. This was a big thrill. Unfortunately, Mona Riedl was not able to experience this win of her beloved “Schnucki” any more. We (Charlie and I), therefore, dedicate this win to Mona who will definitely enjoy it from somewhere behind the rainbow bridge. Many thanks also to all the people who congratulated us whole-heartedly as they probably felt and expressed similar feelings.

Not to forget Muffin. As a surprise to the many who know him, he showed in Veterans Class for the first time. He presented himself as easily and smoothly as in his early days and won his first Veteran tickets in style. Too bad that he had no competition.


Like every year, the big dog show event takes place in Dortmund.

On Friday, the National Show took place, this year combined with the “British Dog Festival” where official Kennel Club CCs were awarded for all British breeds. The judge, of course, came from the UK as well, Mr. Watson. Unfortunately, he didn’t like the dogs we showed. Charlie was on 5th and last place on Champion Class and Tina ended 3rd  in Open.


Cindy had her first litter (see also under Puppies). She whelped 5 puppies freely within 3 hours.
The litter is under the Deacon Brodie’s prefix, but the litter grows up here due to health problems of the breeder.


The second show in 2012 was not really any better:

even though Nugget was 1st in open class and earned a resCAC (to be upgraded to a full), the two girls Tina and Cindy ended up on 3rd place only in Intermediate and Open Class,

While I am still very convinced of the quality of my dogs, I still wish that this will be recognized and this kind of results doesn’t continue.


Poor start in the show year 2012 at the Int. Show in Nuremberg was nothing less than disappointing:
Nugget was 1st in Open Class, but got none of the required tickets
Tina and Cindy both ended 2nd in Intermediate resp, Open Class