News 2014


A sad ending of the year 2014- today, our lovely Perla died totally unexpectedly and with no previous signs of illness. We found her death like asleep in her bed this morning. Autopsy revealed that she died from internal bleeding caused by a ruptured spleen hematoma (cause unknown).



And here is a summary of our show year 2014
(we were only at 15 shows in 13 locations):

Maryscot Swing Man
  10x shown (3x abroad), Veterans Class only
  3x BOB, KfT-Veteran Champion, VDH-Veteran Champion, Veteran-Bundes Winner, Veteran Club Winner Switzerland
  2x BIS-Veteran

Mafioso Nugget
  2x shown (2x abroad), no ticket

Mafioso Valentina
  10x shown, 3x CAC, 5x VDH, 1x CACIB, 2x BOB

Deacon Brodie’s Swinging Cindy
  3x shown (only abroad), 2x ResCACA

Mafioso Zampalou
  10x shown (4x abroad), 1x Puppy-, otherwise Junior Class, 1x JgCAC, 1xJgCAC-CH
  Bundesjugendsieger, Club Junior Winner Switzerland


German Bundes Winner Show in Dortmund: we returned with two ribbons!

Charlie won the Veteran Bundes Winner title (without any competition), but even more nicely, our little “Zampalou” gained the Bundes Junior Winner title.
Tina was shown in Champion Class as well, and as expected she ended up on 3rd place behind two top-wining bitches.


Today, our little Primadonna went on her long trip to the USA. Her new owners once had a bitch (“Gretchen”) from us, which was with an age of almost 17 years the oldest Scottiie registered in the Seniors database of the German Scottie Club.

Primadonna is the great-great-...niece of Gretchen - and that is exactly what the owners wanted. It was so nice to see them here when they picked up Getchen. And they found many similarities in our older dogs to their beloved Gretchen.

In the meantime, we heard that Primadonna arrived safe and sound in her new home and already made friends with the other dogs there.


We had a very nice weekand at the Scottish Terrier Club Switzerland - including the weather and the hospitality! And the show results weren’t that bad either:

On Saturday at the Terrier Show, Zampalou received a VG rating only - mainly because the judge found him “too heavy” (while we are very happy that he already has so much substance). Charlie won the VetCC, got BOB and later in the main ring Best Veteran in Show.

On Sunday at the Swiss Club Winner Show, Zampalou earned the JunCC and the Junior Club Winner title. Charlie was best veteran again, earned the Veteran Club Winner title, was BOS and also Best Veteran in Show!


Today, our first baby left the house - Mafioso Malcolm. He went to Sindelfingen and follows there at the Kunze family his great-grand-cousin Mafioso Bio Boy.
Malcolm is a Sun of Cindy and Dutch. All these puppies are really nice, with very nice proportions, nice heads, small high set (American) ears and already very harsh coat like grown-up Scotties.
Just like the other two daughters of Lilly and Muffin which look very much alike (despite of different parents) - but this is what line breeding is about!
Some of them will leave in the next couple of days, while two pups are still looking for new homes - really too bad that none of them will stay, but the house would be too full. But our seniors who lived all of their life with us just have the priority.


Lou-Lou (Zampalou) attended his first “real” show in Heppenheim, entered in Junior Class. He had much fun and presented himself eally nicely in the ring. Only on the table, he didn’t like too much being examined by a “stranger”, i.e.the judge. He obviously needs some table training and godd experiences. But overall, the judge was quite hatty with him and gave him the ResJunCC - not too bad for a nine month youngster behind a 17-month grown-up!


We utilized the small Terrier show in Durmersheim very effectively: Zampalou had his show debut in style in Puppy Class. And Tina won her last ticket for the KfT-Champion and ended up with BOB.


We had a mixed day at the VDH European Winner show in Dortmund:

Charlie earned the VDH European Veteran Winner title (without competition). At the same time, he completed the German Club Veteran Champion and German Veteran Champion (VDH) titles.
But Tina was not placed (but at least gor an “excellent” rating. This was mainly my grooming fault, as I groomed her a “dip” on her back.


Tonight, we had another liiter of 2 black girls - again free-whelped) by Lilly. The proud father is our Nugget.

While we have always been saying “never 2 litters at the same time” it happened now anyway.


Tonight, Cindy free-whelped 5 black puppies (2 boys and 3 girls) - just like her first litter. They all weigh 250+-10 grams.
She again delivered on day 59 after mating, but this is according to our reproductiion specialist day 62 after ovulation and thus just the correct date.
The proud father is Ashgate Dutch owned by the Stuivenberg family (kennel “From Dash Mountain Farm”, Netherlands).


At the Terrier show in Limburg, Charlie won the Veteran’s tickets and was BOB (with an entry of 12).
Tina was also very nice and won the CAC-ticket.


The second show at the International all-breed in Offenburg was a complete compensation:

Charly was Best Veteran in the breed and then excelled to become BIS-Veteran over 25 dogs (all-breeds).
Tina won the CACIB ticket, went on to BOB and then finished the day being in the final selection of 6 dogs in the group.
At the same time, she finished her German Champion (VDH) title.

And in between the breed ring and the main ring, she had a lot of fun running in a long lure coursing run - she is a real hunter!


Our first show visit in 2014 was a complete disaster:

Charlie and Cindy were both ranked on last place in their respective classes, while I didn't show Lilly at all as she was shocked by the hall┬┤.