Deacon Brodie's Swinging Cindy





Am Ch Anstamm Riptide



Am Ch Dragoon Spectator

Am Ch Bar-None’s Tailor Made


Am Ch Anstamm
Revelaire Renegade


Am Ch Anstamm Back At You



Revelaire Affair To Remember

Am Ch Revelaire No Small Affair

Multi Ch Maryscot Swing Man



Am Ch Balgownie Bulletin



Am Ch Princescot High And Mighty

Besscotts Bolero


Am Ch Maryscot Painted Black


Am Ch Anstamm Back At You



Am Ch Anstamm On The Rebound

Anstamm Tough All Over




Am Ch Anstamm Future Shock



Multi Ch Anstamm Aftershock

Am Ch Anstamm Incorrigible


Int D AT Ch Ch Mafioso
Anstamm’s Shocker


Am Ch Anstamm Riptide



Anstamm Animation

Am Ch Wild Wind Ebb Tide

Int D AT Ch Downtown
Whitney Housten



Lomondview Black Jack



D Ch Downtown Karlos

Downtown Wynigen


Multi Ch Downtown Nessie


Multi Ch Downtown Tartan Special



Downtown Xtra Applaus

Multi Ch Downtown Noble Nancy