News 2006

Dec. 11, 2006

The show in Kassel finished off our show season 2006. Here is a short summary of our successes:

Bailey - Anstamm Aftershock:
   8x shown 1x BOB, 8x Best Veteran
   Veteran Club Winner (KfT)
   Veteran Club Winner (CH)
   German Veteran Champion (VDH)

Bingo - Mafioso Bingo Boy
   4x CAC, 4x CACA, 8x VDH (3 at Int’l shows)
   2x BOB
   German Champion (KfT)
   German Champion (VDH)
   Austrian Champion

Bambi - Mafioso Bambina
   3x CAC, 3x CACA, 3x VDH
   1x BOB
   German Champion (KfT)
   Austrian Champion
   Club Winner (ÖKfT/ Austria)

Mr. Muffin - Downtown Dulce Mafioso
   34x shown, 26x placed 1st (in D, AT CH, B)
   6x CACIB (in three countries)
   CAC at the German Scottie Special
   8x BOB and 5x BOS
   1x Best in Show 3x Best Short-legged Terrier
   German Champion (VDH)
   German Champion (KfT)
   Club Winner (ÖKfT/ Austria)

Perla - Mafioso Perla
   6x Jun CAC, 1x CAC, 1xCACA, 4x VDH
   KfT-Junior Champion
   Junior Club Winner (KfT/ Germany)

Dec. 10, 2006

At the Int’l all-breed show in Kassel, Perla was 2nd in intermediate class, Bingo won the champion class, and Mr. Muffin won the CAC/IB and BOB. With this CACIB, his 6th in three countries, he met the requirements for the Int Ch and just waits for the required time.

Dec. 02, 2006

At the Int’l. show in Wels/ Austria, Perle won the CAC in intermediate class and thus started the countdown for her Austrian Champion title. Mr. Muffin missed the champion title by placing 2nd only - but he can (hopefully) still make it in 2007.

Nov. 25, 2006

We had to put down our old lady Stella shortly after her 14th birthday. All her physical strength was gone suddenly, but as her mental strength was still there, she suffered too much from her inability to do without help what they wanted to do.

Nov. 21, 2006

Bambina delivered her first litter, after Am Ch Kintyre Who Cares? She got 2 boys and 3 girls. Mother and kids are fine. For more details, please have a look at the Puppies page.

Nov. 12, 2006

We were much better this time at the Terrier show in Lollar: Mr. Muffin was shown in champion class for the first time and won the CAC. Perla was 2nd in intermediate class, but won the Res CAC over the open bitches. We also showed our veteran Bailey; but as he happened to be the only veteran entered in the show, the veteran competition was canceled and he could not present himself in the main ring.

Nov. 05, 2006

Just another one of those days: we did not make anything at the Int. Show in Stuttgart. The only “satisfaction” was that all the other normally winning dogs didn’t do much that day either. Have a look at the Show Results.

Nov. 04, 2006

Today, our old girl Stella celebrates her 14th birthday. While she physically is not at her best (she just happens to be a really old girl), she is not ill at all. She sleeps a lot during the day, but when she is awake she still expresses some joy of live (according to her age, obviously) and acts in our team as she has always done: the undisputed boss of the gang!

Oct. 28, 2006

The visit to Hannover wasn’t worth it again (despite seeing my mother). Muffin won the ResCAC/IB, but Perla was only placed 4th in her class. But I did expect something like that. Anyway, the get-together with the other exhibitors was really nice.

Oct. 26, 2006

The sonography confirmed today, that Bambina will have puppies at the end of November by Cary (Am Ch Kintyre Who Cares?). More details under Puppies. Bambina’s cousin Downtown Whitney Houston (Own. Mona Riedl) also expects puppies after Cary. We are so glad that the efforts bringing Cary over from the States have a positive outcome!

Oct. 21, 2006

We visited a terrier show in Kippenheim in order to have a bit of compensation for the Dortmund disaster days. And it worked out fine! Perla won the ResCC from Intermediate Class and Mr. Muffin won the CC, BOB and Best Short-legged Terrier in the main ring.

Oct. 16, 2006

Pictures arrived from the Blumreiter family showing my high level of engagement during the show in Neumark/ Saxonia (Aug. 19).

          Neumark-103           Neumark-202

But our results that day made me sick and tired anyway!

Oct. 15, 2006

And an even bigger “Waterloo” at the VDH Centennial Show in Dortmund: according to the judge, all our dogs had wonderful fronts, but they all finished last in their respective classes anyway.

Oct. 13, 2006

Nothing to talk about at the Bundes Winner show in Dortmund. Only Bailey was Best Veteran and thus completed the VDH Veteran Champion title. But, unfortunately, we could not show him in the main ring, as judging was completed there before judging in the breed ring was finished (what a bad organization by the club!).

Oct. 1, 2006

The Austrian Club Winner show of the Austrian Terrier Club was a different ball game with much better results: both Mr. Muffin and Bambina became Austrian Club Winners. Muffin also was BOB and Bambina completed her Austrian Champion title.

Sept. 30, 2006

We traveled to Tulln/ Austria with four dogs for the Austrian Bundes Winner show - but only had limited success. We accomplished only the class winners for Mr. Muffin and Bambina. But the overall results were a bit surprising anyway.

Sept. 16, 2006

Just realized that Mr. Muffin also completed his 2nd adult title last weekend in Leipzig. He is now German Champion (Club) as well.

Sept. 16, 2006

At the terrier show in Kaiserslautern, we showed Cary (Kintyre Who Cares?) for the first (and only) time while being in Germany. He was not yet really relaxed and therefore, he was only placed 2nd with a reserve ticket. But at least, some breeders were able to see him.

Sept. 10, 2006

We showed even one more dogs with great success. Bingo won the CAC and CACIB ticket over strong competition. But even more exciting: the old boy did it again! Bailey was Best Veteran and Best of Breed! Mr. Muffin at this time was placed 2nd in his class , but the girls were even worse. They were both placed 3rd in their classes

Sept. 9, 2006

We went to Leipzig with a big team of (four) dogs. At the national all-breed show, Bailey was Best Veteran and received his first ticket for the Veteran Champion title. Mr. Muffin won the dog CC ticket and finished his first adult title - German Champion (VDH) - with only 28 months old, almost at the minimum age. Only the Girls Bambina and Perla didn’t so well - they were only 2nd and 3rd in their classes.

Sept. 03, 2006

We had a very nice day with the Swiss Scottie fans at the club show of the Scottish Terrier Club Switzerland. Despite the show results - only Bailey won the club’s Veteran trophy and Muffin the CAC ticket in open class. Otherwise, we didn’t receive any club title, unfortunately.

Aug. 27, 2006

At the annual Club Show of the German Terrier Club, Perla won the  Club Junior Champion title. The rest of the dogs we showed had limited success: Mr. Muffin won the Open Class, and that was it; Bingo was 3rd in Champion class, Bambina was 2nd in a strong bitch champion class. And Bailey was 1st in veteran (of course, because he was alone), but did not make anything in the ring of honor.

Aug. 19, 2006

Sometimes, the unexpected happens: at a small show with only a few dogs entered in Neumark/ Saxonia, Muffin did not win BOB. But the win with Dark Angel’s Deborah was a big surprise and a wonderful experience for the Blumreiter family. BTW, Perla won the Res CAC ticket.

Aug. 17, 2006

Cary (USA Ch Kintyre Who Cares?) arrived today from Ann Arbor/ Michigan. His breeder, Joanne Kinnelly, graciously sent him to help us further develop our breeding program


Aug. 6, 2006

Not our best day at the terrier show in Burgdorf. The Swedish judge Mrs. Roos-Börjesson found our dogs a bit too long. Accordingly, Perla was only Exc. 2nd in Intermediate Class, and Noele shown for the first time since long only got a Very Good 2 - the judge considered her too big as well!

July 30, 2006

At the terrier show of the Nuremberg club in Erlangen, only 5 Scotties were entered. But we enjoyed our successes anyway: Bailey was shown as a veteran in Germany for the first time and earned Best Veteran: Mr. Muffin won the dog CAC ticket, was BOB and best short-legged terrier (ResBIS); Perla won her first full CAC ticket with 15 months from the intermediate class.

July 23, 2006

At the terrier show in Stuttgart, Mr. Muffin wins the dog CC. Perla was shown in the adult classes for the first time and wins her class and the ResCC ticket. This means that her countdown towards both German champion titles started today at the minimum age of 15 months.

July 16, 2006

The annual German Scottie-Special was held this year in Münster. The judge was the Scottie Breeder Vandra Huber from the USA (kennel McVan). Here are our results: Bingo 1st in champion class, Muffin 1st in open class and dog CC; Perla 2nd in junior class (Res Junior CC) and Bambina 2nd in champion class and Res CC ticket.

June 18, 2006

The second day in Possen wasn’t as successful. Mr. Muffin only won the Res CAC ticket, Bambina was last in open bitches. Only Perla repeated her win of the junior class.

June 17. 2006

At the Terrier show in Possen, Mr. Muffin won the dog CAC ticket, and BOB. In the main ring, he became Best Short-Legged Terrier and ResBIS. Perla won the junior class and with this win completed her German Junior Champion title. Bambina was 2nd in a large (7) bitches open class.

June 11, 2006

At the Terrier show in Celle, Perla won the Junior Class and received her 3rd Junior CAC ticket. Mr. Muffin won the CAC ticket, went on to BOB and in the main ring, was selected under the best three short-legged terriers.

   Celle-11.6.06 058   Celle-11.6.06 060  Celle-11.6.06 127
   Muffin (BOB) and Perla (Junior CAC)                                 Mr. Muffin (BOB)                                    Honor Ring Final Short-Legged Terriers

June 4, 2006

At the terrier show in Reilingen, Mr. Muffin won the dog CAC ticket and BOB. Bambina won the bitch CAC. Our guest Anstamm Playing It Cool won the intermediate class and the Res CAC ticket. Our little Perle was 2nd in junior class. In the honor ring, Mr. Muffin reached the final cut of the last 3 short-legged terriers.

May 21, 2006

Another successful weekend in Switzerland: at the intern. shows in St. Galen, both Bingo and Mr. Muffin won the CAC both days, so that they are only missing the time now to complete their Swiss Champion title. Additionally, Mr. Muffin won the CACIB ticket both days.

May 14, 2006

At the Terrier show in Dorndorf, our boys really did great: Bingo won the CAC ticket and “Fritz” (Anstamm Playing it Cool), our guest from the US, got the Res CAC ticket. With this win, Bingo also completed his German Champion (Club) title. Only Perle had to go home just with an Exc. 4 rating.

May 5, 2006

The prestigious VDH European Winner show in Dortmund had the remarkable entry of 51 Scotties. Our results were limited: Bingo was placed 3rd in champion class, Muffin was 2nd in open class and Perle was not placed in Junior class, but received an “excellent” rating.

May 1, 2006

We visited the traditional terrier show in Ludwigshafen. Mr. Muffin won the dog CAC ticket. Bambina earned the Res CAC ticket, finishing her German Championship title

April 9, 2006

And an even better day on Sunday in Limburg: Mr. Muffin won the dog CAC and BOS, Perle won the Junior CAC and Bambina the bitch CAC. Bambina became BOB and went on to the three best short-legged terriers.

Martina Kuhlmey kindly helped me with handling as I had three dogs in the BOB competition.

April 8, 2006

We had a nice day for the siblings Bingo and Bambina at the Terrier show organized by the Hannover club in Obernkirchen:
both won the CAC ticket and Bingo made Best of Breed (and was in the final cut for BIS, too). For Bambina that means that gathered the required tickets for her German championship, just waiting for the 12 month interval to expire.
Only our baby (Perle) was a different type than the judge, Mr. Jul Hamlot from Norway, preferred. She was not placed, but she got an excellent rating at least.

March 26, 2006

Big success at the terrier show in Dermbach/ Thuringia:

Mr. Muffin (Downtown Dulce Mafioso) won BOB, Best short-legged terrier and Best in Show (149 terriers entered)!

                  Muffin Dermbach BIS                         Muffin Dermbach BIS-2

Not to forget the rest of the team: Bingo won the Open Class and the Res CAC ticket; Perla won the Junior Class and earned her first junior ticket; Bambina was placed second in Open Class.

March 16, 2006

In preparation for the 2006 Scottish Terrier Almanac we took new pictures of Bingo, Muffin, and Bambina. Also, Perle got her own web page now.

March 11, 2006

Intern. Show at Graz/ Austria: three times 1st place and CACA ticket for Mr. Muffin, Bingo and Bambina. Perla was placed second in a large (6 entries) junior bitch class. With this win, Bingo finished his Austrian Champion title, his second champion title within just one week!

March 5, 2006

At the Terrier show in snow-loaded Unterhaching (close to Munich), Mafioso Bingo Boy won the Open Class, the CAC ticket and became BOB. With the VDH ticket he also finished his German Champion title. At the same show, Mr. Muffin won the Intermediate Class and the reserve CAC ticket.

Feb. 26, 2005

Gent Feb06-02-bearb.02At his third all-breed show abroad, Mr. Muffin wins his third CACIB ticket in Gent/ Belgium under judge Sonia Pagani from Italy, winning from intermediate class over three open dogs and three group-winning champions.

Feb. 12, 2006

Very successful weekend at the international all-breed show in Fribourg/ Switzerland:

Saturday, judge Mrs. Spector/ ARG: Bingo 1st in Open and Swiss CAC ticket, Mr. Muffin 1st in intermediate class, CAC and CACIB tickets (beating a multiple group-winning champion)

Sunday, judge Mr. Sanchez/ ESP: Bingo 1st in Open and Swiss CAC ticket, Mr. Muffin 1st in intermediate class, CAC and ResCACIB tickets (this time, the champion succeeded, but the reserve ticket will be upgraded to a full)

What more can you expect!

Jan. 28, 2006

Show start for the rest of the team with mixed results in Castrop-Rauxel: Bingo 3rd in Open Class, both Bambina (in open) and Perla (first time out in Junior Class) were both second with a reserve ticket.

Jan. 14, 2006

At the first show in 2006, the Intern’tl all-breed show in Nürnberg, Mr. Muffin won the intermediate class and the ResCACIB.

Jan. 03, 2006

A (late) Christmas greeting from our boys:

Jungs Wehnachten 200503

Dec. 11, 2005

At the last show in 2005, we showed Shocker (1st Class of Honor) as well as Mr. Muffin (1st Intermediate Class) and Perla (Very Promising 2nd in Puppy Class). A nice conclusion of the show year, particularly after the bad results of Bingo and Bambina at yesterday’s international show in Kassel

This finishes the show year 2005. We have summarized our successes here:

Bailey - Anstamm Aftershock:
   4x shown, 1x BOS, 3x Best Veteran
   1x BIS Veteran (Terrier)
   1x BIS-3 Veteran, 1x BIS Veteran (Int’l all-breed show)
   Austrian Veteran Champion

Bingo - Mafioso Bingo Boy
   Tickets: 2x CAC, 4xCACA, 8X VDH (3 at Int’l. shows)
   Austrian. Junior Champion
   Reserve Club Winner

Bambina - Mafioso Bambina
   Tickets: 4xCAC, 1x CACA, 6x VDH
   2x BOS, 1x BOB and BIS-2

Mr. Muffin - Downtown Dulce Mafioso
   shown 26 times in junior class, 21 times V1 and Junior Ticket (in DE, AT, CH, Lux)
   5 Junior Champion titles (German Club, VDH, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg)
   6 Event titles (VDH European Winner, Club Winner DE, AT, CH, Bundes Winner DE, AT),
   1x BOB and BIS-2
   2x BIS-Junior (Terrier)
   1x BIG-3 Junior, 1x BIS-2 Junior (Int’l all-breed shows)

Perla - Mafioso Perla
   3x Very promising in Puppy class
   1x BIS-2 Puppy